About Us
  Tiger Controls Equipment Co.,Ltd (Tiger Controls) is one of the top professional manufacturers of Center Air-conditioning Control Product (HVAC) in China. Its headquarter is located in Daxing Industrial Development Zone of Beijing. Thanks to years of experience in product manufacturing and designing, the two factories of Tiger Controls can manufacture electric modulating valve bodies and electric actuators respectively. By now, the producing capacity of electric modulating valves has achieved 30,000 units per year. In 2004, the product was awarded the CE certificate by EU.

  Tiger Controls is extremely strict with her products quality. Before leaving factory, each actuator,both the spare parts and the actuator itself , would be tested by continuous aging, and each valve body would be tested by core leakage and body pressure-resistance. With the only ID strip on each valve body, all the information of the very product can be traced back in the data base of the company to ensure the effective quality trace and control. The product technic index has reached and exceeded the index of the mainstream products.The electric actuator can operate for more than 150,000 times, and function perfectly under any scury conditions such as high-temperature stream and high-pressure etc.

  Home Markets: Besides the headquarter in Beijing, Tiger Controls has set up her sale network respectively in big cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Chendu and Shenyang. The whole sales network of before-service and after-service has covered most of the major cities, therefore it can offer her agents and customers high-quality and efficient service.

  Markets abroad: Most of the products of Tiger Controls are exported to the markets in North America, Europe, Middle East and South-east Asia. By means of Region Agent Policy, the products are successfully recommended to the local customers by the prestigious local agents of Tiger Controls. Up to 2007, 40% of the products have been exported to more than ten countries in North America and Europe. As early as in 2004, some customers in these regions began to purchase the products. Tiger Controls has achieved great fame among her agents all over the world .In addition, Tiger Controls can design and manufacture the products in this line as worldwide customers desire.

  Tiger Controls is thoroughly experienced in the line of actuators and is highly capable of research and development in her products. "Keeping ahead in technology, trying our best to decrease defect of products to zero" is Tiger Control's slogan for company development. The goal of "All Staffs of Tiger Controls" is to make Tiger Controls become the first-class brand all over the world in HVAC field."