Electric Actuator

It is easier to operate the TW series actuator. This kind of actuator is combined multiple control function-proportional control, 3-position control, RS485 remote communication and NFC. It can accurately control the valve opening position and provide an accurate valve position feedback signal to the control system.

500N/ 1000N actuator with manual device
3000N/ 5000N actuator with manual device

3-position Control Actuator
  • 3-positon control
  • 3-position control with SPDT feedback

Proportional Intelligence Control Actuator
  • Flexible setting of input/output signal: 0-10VDC 2-10VDC 0-20mA 4-20mA
  • Power Supply: 24VAC/DC / 220VAC
  • Equiped with RS485 bus communication interface, support ModBus procotol which could realize the remote control and save labour operating.
  • Have Near Field Communication function which could perfectly conbine with smartphone
  • Convenient local control function could help users to quickly open/close the valve without signal input. After power on, the valve opening can be controlled through the button on actuator plate.
  • Smoothly manual device could open or close the valve after power off which could ensure the system stable operation. Besides, the manual device have the priority function, so no matter if the power is on or off, insert the allen wrench, the actuator will cut off the power in order to ensure the safty operation of manual device.
  • LED indicating light shows the actuator running status and operating direction which is more humanized.
  • The accurate has a further improvement. With the RS485 bus control, it oculd reach 0.2%.