Kvs regulator


  TKVS-1 can regulate maximum flow remotely. It is easy to operate. The KVS is usually constant in use, KVS regulator can adjust the maximum flow coefficient to change freely from 30%Kvs to 100%Kvs. Thus can decrease the unnecessary power waste when the valve is working, so as to be energy-saving and environmental.




Power supply: 24VAC±15%,50/60Hz
Input/output signal: 0(2)~10VDC,0(4)~20mA (set by S2 switch)
Control type: proportional control
Conversion output error:100%~80%≤1.5%;80%~50%≤2.0%;50%~30%≤2.5%
Cover: ABS
Operating temperature: -20℃~50℃

Operating humidity: ≤90%